Local Government and Corporate Craft of the Rioden Cluster

Z-95 Headhunter
Although no longer manufactured and now a generation out of date, more Headhunters remain in service than any other starfighter. They serve in constabularies, customs and anti-smuggling agencies, planetary defense forces, and reserve fleets. A large but unregistered number of corporations, independent systems, and pirate fleets also employ Headhunters.

The Y-wing was adopted at the inception of the Rebel Alliance, and due to its versatility remains popular despite its old, almost outdated, design. The ships are appreciated because parts for them are much more readily available than limited run ships, such as A- and B- wing starfighters. The Y-wing still sees use among mercenaries, private space fleets, pirates, and planetary navies.

Skipray Blastboat
Blastboats fill the gap between speedy, maneuverable starfighter designs and the slower, more heavily-armed capital ships. They are swift enough to overhaul most system intruders, and strong enough to deliver—and survive—blows from powerful weapons. They operate equally well in atmosphere, on patrol in the far reaches of a star system, or performing fleet point duties without starfighter support.

Pinnances are small combat and supply ships that are typically assigned to transports and cruisers that do not have sophisticated facilities for servicing starfighters but have need of defense vessels. They are also assigned to ships that require armed cargo transports, such as those operating in hostile fire zones.

Pinnances are notable in that they have moderate cargo space, but also have the armor, armament and speed to serve in fighter combat. While they cannot compete with modern designs like the TIE Interceptor, they can compete with Z-95 Headhunters and other older designs. Some planetary governments and corporate entities use their own designs as orbital patrol and pursuit ships. There are countless models in use, including the Ulig Abaha Ltd. Warpod pictured above.

Local Government and Corporate Craft of the Rioden Cluster

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